Why aren’t all your products Australian?

Where possible we buy Australian. For some items, stock simply is not available. We work with suppliers who ensure their supply chains; from environmentally sustainable practices to socially responsible operating systems. Product origins are noted on all products for full disclosure. 


Are all your products organic? 

Where possible and affordable yes. In some cases, there is no organic option consistently available. In other circumstances the cost of organic is simply not affordable and we aim for our product range to be accessible. Organic items are listed as such. If you would like us to search for an organic option – please get in touch.


I’d like BULK amounts of some items

Easily done. Get in touch.  You’re likely to save even more money.  


Can I use my own containers in a COVID world?

Yes, you can. In store we are taking extra precautions to ensure our staff’s health and safety. The cleanliness of your container is your responsibility.  We will not sterilise your containers but we do offer brand new jars or paper bags if you would prefer.  Simply select your container preference when selecting product quantities.