When you use our online ordering system, for most products you will be asked to select your container choice.  You may choose from the following options:

Own container
You will drop off your clean jars or containers to our store by the order cut off day/time.  We ask that you provide clean, intact containers as we will not wash them for you before filling them.  Please label your container if you wish to have a specific product placed into it, otherwise we'll use our judgement to fill containers with the quantities of products ordered.  
If you have any allergies, please label containers with the products you'd like placed inside and let us know so we can do our best to avoid cross-contamination.
If you're unsure of how much product your container will hold, just order the amount you think you need, and we will give you any excess in a paper bag.

Paper bag
If this option is selected, we'll pack your dried goods into brown paper bags.  The bags are unbleached, compostable, reusable and free of toxic linings.  This option does not add any cost, so is a great alternative to dropping off your own containers.
New container
We have three sizes of jars for sale and will select the appropriate size for the quantity you have ordered.  Our jars come in 350mL, 500mL and 1L sizes with a black lid and Yass Wholefoods label, as pictured above.
We encourage you to reuse these pre-marked jars by returning them to us (or bringing them into the store to self-serve) for refilling.